Inspiring Resources

Thought-provoking reports and books

James Arbib & Tony Seba: Rethinking Humanity (Report)Website (2020)

Deepak Chopra: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success (1994)

Cathy Clark and Ben Thornley: Cracking the Code of Impact Investing (2016)

Brian Dunn: Modern Portfolio Theory – with a Twist; The New Efficient Frontier (2006)

Jed Emerson: The Purpose of Capital: Elements of Impact, Financial Flows, and Natural Being (2019)

Kate Raworth: Doughnut Economics (2017)

Otto Scharmer: Leading from the Emerging Future (2013)

Dawa Tarchin Philips: Teachings for Uncertain Times (2017)

The Club of Rome: Climate Emergency Plan (2018)



Toniic: Impact Term Project (2020)