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2013 06 Radio Interview with Johannes Kaup in ORF Radio Österreich 1 (German)

2013 06 Im Zeitraum - Wirtschaft 3.0; Johannes Kaup im Gespräch mit Charly Kleissner und Heini Staudinger in ORF Radio Österreich 1 (German)


2021 06 REPORT (German); ORF Tirol Heute

2021 06 KEYNOTE (German); ‘Die Impact Ökonomie, modernes Unternehmertum & Impact Hub Tirol; at IH Tirol Opening

2021 06 KEYNOTE; ‘Deep Impact has moved from potential to inevitable’; at Impact Days Vienna

2021 06 IMPULS STATEMENT; ‘My Individual Approach to Impact Investing’; at Family Office Conference in Vienna

2021 06 PODCAST; ‘Impact Investing, Consciousness and Technology’; with Cecile Blilious #NoFilter

2020 11 KEYNOTE (German); ‘Tiefer Impact, Covid und Walk the Talk’; at Impact Roundtable Gut Häusern

2020 10 KEYNOTE; ‘How to create a positive contribution to People & Planet’; at Entrepeneurship Summit Vienna

2020 10 COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS; ‘How to create a positive contribution for the planet’; 2020 Graduating Class at MCI

2020 10 KEYNOTE / LECTURE; ‘Impact Investing 101’ at HEC with Professor Thomas Astebro

2020 09 PODCAST; ‘Pioneering the world of Deep Impact Investing’ with Ben VonWong at Impact Everywhere #28

2020 09 KEYNOTE; ‘Quo Vadis Impact Investing’ in conversation with Rene Wienholtz at FO Conference in Vienna

2020 09 VPODCAST (German); ‘Der Mensch hat keinen Superstatus’ Movement 21 mit Christine Haiden

2020 09 KEYNOTE (German); ‘Die Frage ist nicht, ob sich das Wirtschaftssystem ändern wird, sondern wann!’ Trigos

2020 09 PODCAST; ‘From Breaking up Monopolies to Deep Impact’ with Mariana Bozesan at Integral Investing #54

2020 05 PANEL; ‘The time of disruption has come – be the disruptor; systemic change is personal’ at Katapult Festival

2020 01 WEBINAR / Fireside Chat; ‘Impact Investing for Systems Change’ by Laurie Lane-Zucker’s Luminarias Series

2018 09 INTERVIEW; ‘Charly Kleissner on SDGs and Deep Impact’ by Dif Influencer

2018 04 KEYNOTE; ‘Challenging the Status Quo’ at European Nexus Conference

2018 02 INTERVIEW; ‘Charly Kleissner Interview’ by Michael Shamiyeh

2018 02 INTERVIEW; ‘Investor Charly Kleissner’ by Mint

2016 12 LECTURE SUMMARY; ‘5 Lessons of the Week from 5 of IVY’s Thought Leaders’ by Ivy University

2016 11 LECTURE SUMMARY; ‘Can Saving the World make you a millionaire?’ by Ivy University

2016 02 KEYNOTE; ’Consciousness and Wealth’ at Friendly Favors by Sergio Lub

2015 07 INTERVIEW (German); TV Interview in ORF Tirol

2015 06 INTERVIEW; ‘Challenges for Impact Investors – An Interview with Charly Kleissner’ by BMW Foundation

2015 06 SALON (German); ‘Gewissen’ by Bank Austria

2014 08 INTERVIEW; An Interview with Charly Kleissner by Carol Sanford

2014 07 INTERVIEW; ‘Personal Impact’ by VORVideo

2014 06 BNP GRAND PRIZE VIDEO; ‘Lisa and Charly Kleissner’ by BNP Paribas

2014 02 INTERVIEW; ‘Charly Kleissner Interview’ by Ashoka

2013 11 LECTURE; ‘Open Lecture Talk – Charly Kleissner’ by MCI

2013 11 LECTURE; ‘Open Lecture Content – Charly Kleissner’ by MCI

2011 06 INTERVIEW; ‘Impact Investing, Social Enterprises and Conscious Leadership’ by GroAction

2011 05 INTERVIEW; ‘Charly Kleissner at the Impact Hub Vienna’ by Impact Hub Vienna

2010 12 INTERVIEW; ‘Meet Lisa & Charly Kleissner’ by The Philanthropy Workshop West

2009 10 INTERVIEW; ‘Charly Kleissner Interview’ by Socap

2009 06 OVERVIEW; ‘Social-Impact International’ by Social-Impact International