Selected Presentations and Keynotes

Over the course of the past year, I gave dozens of keynotes all over the world connecting impact, consciousness and technology; challenging the status quo and making the case for systemic change. The combination of these themes would have been close to impossible just a few years ago, as the impact community was not connected to the consciousness movement, and Silicon Valley’s elite could not have been further removed from meaningful impact. Yet in today’s world even the financial sector understands that proposing solutions by linearly projecting from the past will not work.

2023 07: Impact Days Engadin 2023: Conversation with Charly Kleissner

2023 06: Toni-Knapp Haus Diskussion: 'Wie schaffen wir die Wende zur Nachhaltigkeit in Tirol?'

2023 06: FASE Webinar mit Chi Impact: 'Tech for Impact: Inwieweit kann Technologie Systemwandel bewirken?'

2023 06: FASE Impact Fire Talks: 'How much impact is in SDG investing?'

2023 06: Alpine Impact Day: Keynote: 'Regionale Transformation in Tirol und Alpenregion'

2023 05: Katapult Future Fest: Panel organizer and participant: 'Inner Transformation and System Change';  panel participant: 'An exploration of investing for system change: sharing case studies'; panel participant: 'Tapping into founder energy for impact investing'

2023 04: Conscious Business Master Program: Fireside Chat with Peter Matthies

2023 03: HEC Class: 'Moving towards a deep impact economy; system change investing & impact and deep tech'

2023 02: Sustainable Entrepreneurship & Innovation Research Group (SE&I) at Copenhagen Business School: Virtual Brownbag: Impact Investing Special Senior Talk by Charly Kleissner

2023 01: Master of Ceremonies (MC) at Schwab Foundation Award Session at WEF 2022

2022 10: 'Impact for Breakfast' event at Impact Hub Ticino; in conversation with Carlotta Zarattini about 'From Impact Investing to Deep Impact: How to align your investment with your values and contribute to solutions'

2022 09: GRASFI Conference in Zurich: Panel on 'Science Meets Practice - Private Wealth'

2002 08: European Forum Alpbach: Mentor at 'Alpbach in Motion'; Fireside Talk with Matthias Strolz; Panel 'Inclusion Revolution - Thriving for the Good Life'; Panel 'How to Stop the Brain Drain of European Entrepreneurs'; Seminar 'Humanity at the Crossroad'

2022 05: MCI Lecture: 'The Impact Economy & Impact Finance'

2022 05: Conscious Business Institute Presentation: 'Deep Impact & System Change'

2022 03: MCI Lecture: 'The Importance of Innovation'

2022 02: Presentation at the Verein gemeinnütziger Stiftungen in Vienna: 'My Impact Journey'

2021 11: Invited guest lecturer at Professor Thomas Astebro's Advanced Entrepreneurship course at HEC's Creative Destruction Lab: 'The Impact Economy'

2021 11: Invited guest lecturer at Professor Thomas Lindner's seminar at the University Innsbruck: 'Applications of Impact Investing'

2021 09: Panelists at Katapult Tokenization Webinar: 'The benefits and pitfalls of Impact Tokenization'

2021 09: Impuls Vortrag für Board Retreat von KfW Capital: 'Welche Rolle spielt Venture Capital in der Impact Ökonomie?' (German)

2021 08: Leadership Workshop at European Alpbach Forum 2021: 'Shamanic View of the World and Conscious Leadership'

2021 08: Seminar at European Alpbach Forum 2021: 'Thinking Big While Doing Good - Impact Economy and System Change'

2021 08: Invited Plenary Panel at European Alpbach Forum 2021: 'Financing an Impact Economy'

2021 06: Invited Presentation at the High Tech Entrepreneur Accelerator Program in Zurich: 'Deep Impact Journey'

2021 06: Invited Keynote at White Room Business Club: 'Die Impact Ökonomie, modernes Unternehmertum und High Tech' (German)

2021 06: Invited Seminar at Oxford Executive Program: 'Deep Impact - Not Business As Usual'

2021 06: Invited Impulsvortrag at Manincor in Südtirol: 'Modernes Unternehmertum und die Impact Ökonomie - eine neue Vision für regenerative und regionale UnternehmerInnen' (German)

2021 06: Invited Presentation at Julia Balandina's Catalyst Program: 'System Change and Deep Impact - Consciousness, Purpose and Leadership'

2021 05: Presentation at the NextGen Leadership Program - Modul 1: 'Economic System Overview'

2021 04: ICE Event: 'Our Impact Investing Journey'

2021 02: Invited Apero at Telos: 'What is the Deep Impact Economy and why is it important?'

2021 02: Invited Keynote at the Süddeutsche Zeitung Nachhaltigkeit-Forum 2021: 'The Deep Impact Economy - an alternative to snapping back to business as usual'

2020 12: Invited Keynote at 'Co-Financing our Future' Event in Amsterdam: 'Now is the time to activate all capital for impact - it not only makes sense from a business perspective, but is also the right thing to do!'

2020 10: SoCap Panel with Alexandra Korijn: 'Be the disruptor of going back to business as usual - Systemic Change is Personal!'

2020 10: Commonland Panel: 'Deep Impact Economy & Commonland'

2020 10: BMW Salon Impuls Vortrag: 'Die Frage ist nicht, ob sich das Wirtschaftssystem ändern wird, sondern wann! Deep Impact Economy - die Alternative zum 'business-as-usual'. (German)

2020 08: IECT State of Artificial Intelligence Panel

2020 07: ICE Event: Deep Impact Conversation with Celia Cruz

2020 07: Silicon Valley Blockchain Society - Deep Dive into 'Deep Impact Investing'

2020 07: Brazilian Forum on Impact Investing and Business (Impact Mais ON): 'Deep Impact Conversation'

2020 06: Silicon Valley Blockchain Society - Deep Impact Conversation: 'Impact: Systemic Shifts'

2020 06: Rotary Club Hall: 'Einführung ins Thema Impact Investing' (German)

2020 04: NYU Lecture: 'The time of disruption has come - be the disruptor (business as usual, the great unraveling or the big transition - what is your choice?)'

2020 01: Invited Impuls Vortrag at Schumbeta Salon in Vienna: 'Impact, Technologie und Bewusstsein' (German)

2019 11: Keynote at the Impact Investment Summit – Asia Pacific: ‘System Change – forced on us or enabled by collaboration and emergence – the choice is ours’

2019 10: Keynote at the Impact Days 2019 in Vienna: ‘Systemic Change – forced by radical discontinuity or enabled by collaborative emergence’

2019 10: Invited Guest Lecture at MCI Innsbruck: ‘Sustainable impact investing – how to create a positive contribution to humanity and the planet’

2019 10: Keynote at Wirtschaftskammer Österreich: ‘The Impact Economy – Ecosystem Development’

2019 07: Keynote at Junge Wirtschaft Sommercocktail: ‘Von Tirol ins Silicon Valley und Weiter‘ (German)

2019 07: Keynote at UNIDO gathering: ‘Total Portfolio Activation and SDG Impact Investing’

2018 09: Keynote at the Silicon Valley Blockchain Society: ‘Modern Technology, Consciousness, and the Impact Economy’

2018 09: Plenary Panel at Prestel Family Office Forum in San Francisco: ‘The Perfect Match: Profit and Positive Impact

2018 07: Plenary Panel at Third Vatican Conference on Impact Investing: ‘Deploying Capital for Impact at the Base of the Pyramid’

2018 06: Presentation at the Oxford Executive Training on Impact Management: ‘Impact Portfolios – Going 100%’

2018 06: Keynote at ‘Unlikely Allies’ Event with ImpactHub Amsterdam in Amsterdam: ‘Technology, Consciousness and Impact – Challenging the Status Quo’

2018 04: Keynote at Prestel Conference in Wiesbaden: ‘Maximizing Deep Impact with Market-Rate Returns’

2018 04: Keynote at the European Nexus Conference in Rotterdam: ‘Challenging the Status Quo’

2018 04: Keynote and Plenary Panel at ImpactPark 2018 in Milano: ‘Challenging the Status Quo of the Financial System and Impact Investing’

2018 04: Keynote at ESAFON Conference in Geneva: ‘Post Modern Portfolio Theory – Lessons from 100% Impact Approach’

2018 02: Plenary Panel at Impact Investing Conference in Japan: ‘Impact Investing – Leading the Way for Impact’

2017 11: Keynote at D3 Impact Nights in Korea: ‘Impact Investing – Challenging the Financial System’

2017 10: Keynote at Imfino Event in Vienna: ‘Impact Investing – Persoenliche Reflexion & Globale Trends’

2017 10: Keynote at EBAN conference in Munich: ‘Challenging the Status Quo of Capitalism & Impact Investing’

2017 10: Speaker at Club of Rome Gala Dinner in Munich

2017 08: Fire side chat at Singularity University in Silicon Valley

2017 07: Plenary Panel at Invest in Peace Conference in Caux: ‘Challenging the Status Quo in Impact Investing’

2017 07: Keynote at BCSSS Systems Conference in Vienna: ‘Financial System Change – Insights from the bleeding edge of Impact Investing’

2017 06: Keynote and Plenary Panel at UBS Philanthropy Conference in Hong Kong: ‘Impact – Embracing new pathways to drive change’

2017 06: Plenary Panel and ‘Interview with Charly Kleissner’ at Pioneers Conference in Vienna

2017 06: Keynote at Hypobank Event in Tyrol: ‘Impact Investing – Persoenliche Reflexion & Globale Trends’

2017 06: Spotlight Discussion at Economist Conference in London: ‘100% Impact’

2017 06: Plenary Panel at AVPN Conference in Bangkok: ‘The Continuum of Social Investing’

2017 05: Keynote at ESAFON Conference in Geneva: ‘Impact Investing – Challenging the Status Quo’

2017 05: Keynote at Impact Hub Vienna: ‘Global Transformation, Systemic Change & Consciousness‘

2016 12: Plenary Panel at GIIN conference in Amsterdam: ‘Building an investment portfolio that measures impact in every investment’

2016 11: Keynote at Sparkasse in Innsbruck: ’Impact Investing – Persoenliche Reflexion & Globale Trends’

2016 11: Keynotes and Plenary Panels at Impact Investing Conference in Korea: ‘Impact Investing – A Portfolio Approach’

2016 10: Keynote at Sparkasse in Innsbruck: ‘Impact Investing – Persoenliche Reflexion & Globale Trends’

2016 10: Plenary Presentation at Prestel & Partner FO Forum in London: ‘Impact Investing & Conscious Leadership’

2016 10: Plenary Presentation at 2nd Impact Forum Vienna: ‘Impact Investing – Über alle Anlageklassen & Globale Trends’

2016 09: Presentation to Ivy University in San Francisco: ‘Unleashing the Power of Impact Investing’

2016 09: Keynote at Gratitude Railroad Event in Utah: ‘Impact Investing – at an inflection point?’

2016 06: Opening Plenary Panel at 2nd Vatican Impact Investing Conference in Rome: ‘State of the Sector: An overview of current impact investing activities and trends’

2016 06: Keynote at CEE Impact Day: ‘Impact Investing – An Assessment’

2016 05: Keynote at Impact Event in Santa Barbara: ‘Impact Investing – Past, Present, Future’

2016 05: Keynote at German Foundation Conference in Leipzig: ‘Impact Investing für Stiftungen – Globaler Wendepunkt?’

2016 02: Presentation at IONS in Marin County: ‘Consciousness & Wealth – Personal Journey and Reflection’

2015 06: Keynote at CEE Impact Day in Vienna: ‘Ecosystems for Impact’

2015 06: Presentation at Bank Austria Salon in Vienna: ‘Salon zum Thema Gewissen’

2015 05: VIP class at Stanford University: ‘The Emerging Revolution in Business and Leadership – personal reflections’

2015 04: Presentation to Austrian Secretary of State in Silicon Valley: ‘From Austria to Silicon Valley and Beyond – The emerging revolution in business and leadership’

2015 02: Presentation at Confluence Conference in California: ‘Revolutionary Voices’

2014 08: Keynote at Sages and Scientist Conference in California: ‘Impact Investing’

2014 07: Keynote at CEE Impact Day in Vienna: ‘Insights into the Global Impact Investing Sector’

2014 07: Keynote at Caux conference: ‘Trust and integrity for Sustainable Living – for 100% impact investors’

2014 06: Keynote at Kahlenberger Gespräche: ‘Impact investment – ein MUSS fuer jeden Investor‘

2014 06: Keynote at ImpactHub Zurich: ‘The Future of Investing – 100% of assets deployed in impact‘

2014 03: Presentation at Harvard Club of Hong Kong: ‘Finding Inspiration in Impact Investing’

2014 02: Keynote at Latin American Impact Investing Forum (FLII): ‘Evolution of an Impact Portfolio - From Implementation to Results’

2014 02: Keynote at Play Big: ‘Organizing for 100% Impact’

2013 11: VIP Speaker at Stanford University’s Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneur Speaker Series: ‘From Success to Purpose’

2013 10: Invited Speaker at the Social Stock Exchange Inaugural Investor Event: ‘Proven Returns from Impact Investing’

2013 10: Keynote at Austrian Control Bank’s Conference ‘Impact Investing – How to do it’: ‘Impact Investing – A Rapidly Evolving Eco System’

2013 10: Keynote at High Water Women Conference in New York: ‘100% Impact Portfolio’

2013 09: Panel Moderator at SoCap 2013: ‘Going All In’

2012 11: Keynote at 10th Tyrolean Innovations Day in Innsbruck / Austria: ‘A Life at the Forefront of Innovation – A Personal Story’.

2012 06: Keynote at Impact Hub Zurich / Switzerland: ‘Impact Investing at the Cross Roads’

2012 06: Keynote at ‘Social Impact Investing’ Conference at Wirtschafts Universität Vienna / Austria: ‘Impact Investing – Introduction and Overview’

2012 06: Keynote at Kepler Salon in Linz / Austria: ‘Was ist Social Impact Investing? Die Charly-Kleissner-Story’

2012 06: Keynote at CEE Impact Day at Impact Hub Vienna / Austria: ‘Impact Investing at the Cross Roads’

2011 11: Keynote at EVPA (European Venture Philanthropy Association) Conference in Torino / Italy: ‘From Success to Impact – The Power of AND’