Intention #3: In Service

I am in service to others, humanity and the planet.


In Service


  • My biggest inspiration is my mother, who has been serving others all of her life.
  • I help elevate the consciousness of humanity by inspiring others to lead a meaningful life and by focusing my own contribution on the intersection of consciousness, technology and finance.
  • I achieve maximum beneficial impact for others, humanity and the planet with minimum effort – applying nature’s ‘law of least effort’.
  • I joyfully serve others applying the law of ‘giving and receiving’, always giving without any expectation of receiving.

Current Practice

Long Term Opportunities

  • My path of being in service to others continues to deepen until I die.
  • I will be more creative looking for opportunities to be of service – guided by synchronicity, embracing improvisation and playfulness.


Kind Words

A few messages people sent me over the last months.

You have been inspiring us to go further, think deeper, question assumptions.

You’re such an inspiration to me, my family, and so many people around the world.

It is beautiful to see how amazing you look at life. It is inspiring. I am learning a lot from you.… and so much has been inspired by your work. Your impact on my career, and the field of impact investing, is more than you can know.

I cannot say enough to thank you – you have made a difference with me and for that I thank you.

As I read your intentions work, it was like two hours of your mentoring me in absentia.

I am grateful for your extraordinary and ongoing contributions to building this field.

Thank you for being such an inspiration to all of us, we can learn so much from how you actively cultivate inner peace, serenity, a quiet confidence, and a more grateful and joyful way of living.

Your perspective on all of this is so deeply inspiring. So many things to learn from you.

I’m not sure how, but I feel our interactions always give me a new perspective, exactly when it’s needed most. Thank you for that!

You are like a dad to me – I learned so much from you and I am really grateful for that. Both in business but also in life. Thank you! You were a big inspiration when I pursued my career. I hope I’ll be one day an equally good inspiration to my kids and nieces / nephews.

You have been such an important inspiration and guide not only for myself, but many others in the sector, and we are all so very grateful for how much time and effort you spend in service of the public good.

You continue to be an inspiration in good times and bad.

You’ve been teaching so many about so many things for so long and by sharing your intentions you took this to a different level. Thank you for your openness and inspiration.

You are a true inspiration. Reading your words helped me deepen my own understanding of these ideas, and strengthen my resolve to follow through on my own intentions with more urgency and commitment.

Thank you so much for sending your intentions – I found them to be very powerful, and inspiring!!

Thank you and I hope you feel the genuine warmth and gratitude from me and the hundreds, probably thousands, of people you have had a positive impact on.

You have given so much to us with your thoughts, presence and vision. You are a role model. Deep respect, love and blessings.

Thank you for your inspiration, leadership and guidance as a mentor and friend which continues to unfold
and bear fruit.

Thank you for helping me on my journey. I want to thank you also for sharing your wisdom with us on how to live a good life and achieve equanimity. These are important lessons that I seek to embed into my own life.

The more I hear and learn from you, the more grateful and happy I am.