Intention #4: In Community

I stay meaningfully connected with loved ones and people committed to deep impact.


In Community


  • I trust the healing power of positive relations.
  • I invest time and emotional energy in relationships that nurture.

Current Practice

  • I continue to grow and deepen my relationship and partnership with my life partner, love-of-my-life and impact co-creator Lisa – based on mutual unconditional trust, non-judgment, support, love and appreciation.
  • I nurture my relationships with immediate and wider family members by communicating regularly, spending time together, going on family trips, etc.
  • I deepen my relationship with friends by engaging in deep conversations and by spending time.
  • I develop new relationships and deepen my existing relationships with people who are committed to deep impact, by engaging in deep conversations, and by exploring opportunities for co-creating systemic change.

Long Term Opportunities

  • My path of staying meaningfully connected with loved ones continues to deepen until I die.
  • I continue to look for opportunities for deepening and expanding my relationships – guided by synchronicity, embracing improvisation and playfulness.