Intention #2: Regenerative

I lead a holistically sustainable and regenerative life, a life in harmony with nature.




  • I lead a life of integrity, courage and joy with an emphasis on holistically integrating body, mind, and spirit – leading to a more sustainable and regenerative lifestyle, in harmony with nature.

Current Practice

  • Nutrition: I maintain a healthy diet (e.g., organic, biodynamic, no sugar, less meat, less alcohol), with more awareness (e.g., eat more slowly and smaller portions); I collect and enjoy good wine.
  • Health and Nature: I maintain an active lifestyle, watching my weight; I prefer activities in nature and with Lisa, like mountain biking, skiing, (long distance) hiking, walking and camping; I compliment this with activities with friends or on my own like surfing, climbing, and deep & steep skiing.
  • Art: I currently focus my activities on music (jazz piano and a little bit of drumming), and am venturing out into multimedia (photos, videos, including drone footage); I keep an open mind to improvise and to playfully explore other opportunities.

Long Term Opportunities

  • My path of leading a holistically sustainable and regenerative life continues to deepen until I die.
  • I continue to stay in ‘deceleration mode’, e.g., my commitments are balanced; I leave space for improvisation and playfulness; I only take on fully aligned activities.
  • I explore a regenerative lifestyle, e.g., implement a negative carbon footprint.
  • I explore and/or deepen body/mind opportunities, e.g., deep & steep skiing; surfing in California; long distance hiking on different continents (e.g., Japan, South America).
  • I let creativity thrive and integrate playfulness and improvisation.