My Purpose is to help evolve human consciousness to be in harmony with the universe

I do this by leading a spiritual, regenerative, and joyous life – in service to and in community with others

My Values

Integrity: I follow my path toward the highest expression of my own nature – and toward the fulfillment of my responsibilities to myself, to others, to society, and to the planet.

Courage: I have the courage to act with the utmost integrity in the moments of choice.

Joy: I experience a deep sense of joy by acknowledging and celebrating the transcendent mystery that underlies our existence and by observing my mental and physical experiences during this lifetime.

Charly's Exit from Ariba

Charly’s Exit from Ariba

Lisa and Charly in Innsbruck

Lisa and Charly in Innsbruck

Charly in the Bugaboos

Charly in the Bugaboos

My Intentions for age 80

At that point in time, humanity will be in the middle of an unprecedented global transformation, which will be painful, disorienting and confusing; this will require calm, mindful, compassionate and wise leadership.

I will serve my family, my community and humanity as a calm, mindful, compassionate, and wise leader.

Charly keynoting to Junge Wirtschaft

Charly keynoting to Junge Wirtschaft



I am using “I” throughout this document – particularly in expressing all of my intentions – fully aware that “I” is a construct of my mind and that the truth is that we are all one with the universe, and not outside of it. In this context, however, I find “I” important, as it is the perceived reality of body/mind.