Charly Kleissner
November 25th, 2018 – during my first chemo treatment

Creating wellness, not just treating illness

  • I am not simply treating illness, I am creating wellness.
  • Everything I think, say, do, feel and believe has an impact on my well-being.
  • My immune system is profoundly influenced by my lifestyle choices.
  • My medical team will do all it can to fix my body, the malfunctioning machine. My task is to do all I can to enhance my self-healing capacity, i.e., by adapting my physical, emotional, and spiritual lifestyle.
  • I am working on choosing wellness, at any moment, at any circumstance.

Statistics are just statistics

  • I don’t pay much attention to statistics! Statistics do not determine any individual case, including mine! There is no type of cancer that does not have some rate of survival.
  • The question is: What can I do to get on the right side of these statistics? I am determined to be counted among the survivor statistics.

My commitments and strategies

  • I have decided to live! I deeply believe that I will survive! I know and feel that I have a lot more to give.
  • I am in charge of my life! My attitude is the essence of survivorship. I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul – in all humbleness and with the help and support of the infinitely wise and compassionate universe and the help of my family and friends.
  • My cancer temporarily weakens my body, but permanently strengthens my spirit
  • I demonstrate a warrior’s attitude: I am determined to live each day I am given to the very best of my ability. I choose to live my life to the very fullest. I focus on possibilities, not problems. My intentions are set on hope and healing. I am detached from the outcomes.
  • I take it as my personal responsibility to believe in my treatment, and I am excited about my treatment program. I see it as highly effective: The chemicals are a great healing agent, something coming into my body to make me well. I welcome my chemotherapy with open arms. I am actively working on making the side effects manageable.

My focus

  • Recovery demands my total participation: I am working for my wellness; my health recovery is not an accident.
  • I am actively cultivating inner peace, serenity, a quiet confidence, and a more grateful and joyful way of living.
  • I am mobilizing body, mind and spirit for my quest for wellness.
  • Healing springs from within. I am working with the universal energies to activate and release it. I am trusting my body’s unlimited healing capacities
  • I focus on holistic healing: medical, nutrition, exercise, attitude, support and spiritual
  • My preferred spiritual activities are meditation, Yoga, reading, reflecting, writing
  • Some of my preferred exercises are Yoga; walks on the beach, in the redwoods, and on the beach property
  • I continue to work on my attitude by practicing gratitude, positive intention, and detachment from outcome

My gratitude and relationships

  • I have today, that’s a lot to be grateful for.
  • I have Lisa with whom I can share everything, literally everything, without fear of judgment.
  • I invest time and emotional energy in relationships that nurture. I don’t invest time and energy in relationships that are toxic or extractive.

Working with challenges

  • When I start feeling anxious, I witness the emotion, I observe it. Sometimes I associate anxiousness with an image, a shape, – like a light cloud that surrounds me. That allows me to observe it. Instead of becoming a victim, I become the observer. I replace fear and anxiousness with gratitude.
  • Moderate exercise is the number one treatment for fatigue

PS:  While my pain may be unavoidable, suffering is largely optional

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